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RC tractor w/front loader and pallet fork Light and Sound 1/24

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Forklift work around the farm can now be recreated indoors and outdoors in a fascinating way with remote control. Suitable from the age of 6, the 1:24 scale RC tractor impresses with its child-friendly functionality that stimulates the imagination: be it hay bales or boxes - many materials can be loaded with this front loader
Learn while you play: the pallet flap integrated on a long boom can be tilted, lowered and raised manually by hand. The tractor then transports material from A to B using the control handles. As well as a fun experience, Junior has his first experience of model building technology. Rounded edges make it safe to play all the time

Thanks to the demo function activated at the touch of a button on the remote control, the driving skills of the agricultural machine can be clearly demonstrated without any action on your part. The tractor not only has a trailer hitch, it can also be adjusted in height: various transport vehicles could actually be mounted to provide even more imaginative play.

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The toy tractor is a real eye-catcher not only because of the striking royal blue, but also because of the smaller LED lights in white at the front. Switched on via the remote control, they light up constantly while driving forwards; conversely, they flash. The tractor is characterised by two large rear wheels. Steering is via the smaller front wheels. The tyres with distinctive tread grooves are made of soft rubber, which always ensures the best grip on the ground thanks to extra traction control.
As is usual with modern agricultural machinery, the enclosed cab symbolises effective protection against dust, noise and heat. Inside, details such as seats, steering wheel and joystick are visible. On the outside, there are steps with handles and under-mounted rear-view mirrors.

The Ready-to-Run (RTR) package includes everything you need to get started, except for standard household batteries: the Li-Ion battery allows long run times of up to 30 minutes. With the USB charging cable, sufficient power can be conveniently recharged during breaks in play. Thanks to the interference-free 2.4 GHz remote control, you can also play with friends and different models at the same time - the RC tractor with pallet fork is part of several agricultural models in the Amewi Junior series

Remote control functions:
Forward/reverse left/right light

on/offDemo function

Additional manual adjustment
:Tilt pallet forkBoom
: lower/raiseTowbar
: adjust height

Height points:
Pallet fork on boom: Tilt, lower and raise manually - to imaginatively recreate forklift work
Long run times of up to 30 minutes: Uninterrupted fun with a wide range of play options
Genuine rubber tyres with distinctive tread grooves: With extra traction control, they always ensure the best grip on the ground

Other features:
RTR (Ready-to-Run) package incl. remote control, battery and chargerRaisable
trailer hitchDemo function
at the touch of a buttonLED lighting
at the top front and bottom front in whiteEfficient

acousticsManual trimming to lane -keeping possibleChild-friendly
, interference-free remote controlSafe
operation thanks to rounded edges

Technical data:
Scale: 1:24Total length
: 300 mm (with max. stretched boom and pallet fork)
Total width: 110 mmTotal height
: 170 mm (with max.
vehicle length: 190 mmVehicle width
: 110 mmVehicle
height: 120 mmWeight
(without battery): 366 g Main material
: plasticWheels
: soft rubber Front wheel
: outer diameter/width 52/20 mm Rear wheel
: outer diameter/width 70/24 mmPower
: 2WD Battery
: Li-Ion 1S 3.7V 500mAh, JST/BEC connector, 49x16x16mm, 18g Running time
: up to 30min possible, depending on

Remote control: 6-channel, 2.4GHzRange
: approx 20mPower charger
: USB cableCharging time
: approx 120min

Scope of delivery
:model remote control battery charging cable operating instructions


Necessary accessories
:2x 1,5V AAA Mignon batteries for the remote controlSmall
star screwdriver for opening/closing the battery compartmentManual

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